MARC & Publishers

MARC (Machine Readable Catalogue) is the international data format which libraries use to import records direct to their catalogue. BDS metadata for all publications are created as a MARC record.

MARC records are vital to publishers for entry into the library market. In short, if a library cannot access a MARC record for an item, that item cannot be integrated into the library’s catalogue. BDS generates MARC records for all catalogue resources and supplies metadata to libraries and the book trade in a variety of ways, including the library protocol Z39.50, Direct Data Feed, FTP, ONIX 3.0 and via our online resource, BDSLive.

In order to achieve this, BDS works with publishers to generate MARC records for their published output. This can then be sent to library suppliers for release with library purchases or sent from BDS direct to the library purchasing a publisher’s output.

Publishers also have the option to purchase MARC records from BDS for their published output.

All of these routes require that BDS and publishers work closely together.

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