Websites & Hosting

BDS offers publishers expertly built websites that integrate metadata into a platform for presenting published output and achieving sales.

BDS websites are fully manageable through a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) designed for the book trade. You can:

  • Sell physical and e-books
  • Create micro-sites per title
  • Build mini websites for authors
  • Manage stock
  • Generate AI sheets
  • Import and export ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 information
  • Present title suggestions
  • Highlight popular titles
  • Handle sales in multiple currencies

The website software is designed to handle large metadata sets while presenting a modern, well-organised interface through all web browsers, and is fully responsive.

The excellent BDS search engine, used in BDS’s own suite of products, such as BDSLive, ensures unrivalled discoverability for your titles while a sophisticated graphics engine allows for high-quality image and video presentation.

Our CMS can handle all versions of ONIX, both for import and export. Importing BDS metadata can be achieved automatically or we can handle a publisher’s own bibliographic metadata and export this to BDS in order to ensure maximum visibility of titles to the market, including and uniquely, to library services across the UK.

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We also have a longstanding association with Gardners, Ingrams and other distributors and can integrate with their databases via data feeds, as well as with Amazon and other website APIs. BDS contains its own data hub API for 3rd party in-bound integrations.

Find out how how BDS worked with Yale University Press to build its website and also with ISNI.

BDS is the complete solution for publishers’ website requirements.

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