Why Work with BDS

BDS works with publishers of any size or specialism.

The Key to Resource Discovery

There are two ways in which working with BDS may help publishers. Firstly, by submitting details of your products to BDS, they will automatically be included in our database, guaranteeing standardised, high quality, catalogue records. The product information will be available to potential buyers, including retailers, e-tailers, suppliers and libraries. This process is free of charge to the publisher.

Secondly, if you sign up for a feed of BDS metadata you can use this to populate your own online catalogues, use for advertising, stock control and marketing. This is a chargeable service with prices dependant on the size of the feed involved.

The Importance of Metadata

BDS metadata connects publishers to retailers, wholesalers and libraries, driving commerce and enhancing the customer experience.
We can enhance publishers’ metadata to greatly aid discovery and engagement. This aids retail sales, library sales and also the appearance within publishers’ websites.

Read our leaflet “Metadata and You” to discover more about the diverse applications and importance of BDS metadata.

Huge outreach

Inclusion in our services means you will reach our wide customer base including retailers, libraries, including the British Library and public and academic libraries throughout the UK and abroad, multi-media specialists, official bodies, charities, shopping comparators and digital platform providers. They, in turn, will be promoting your products to their customers or consumers.

Library Licences

BDS has licensing schemes in place with local authority libraries (Public Library Licence) and academic libraries (Academic Library Licence) that offer exposure of your titles across all platforms and suppliers, and reduce the resources required by you to create specialised MARC records. Records are created once and are then available to participating libraries, driving efficiencies for everyone.


By working with BDS a publisher is assured of an accurate record for all its publications.

BDS creates and distributes industry-standard data that helps publishers gain sales and increase market profile directed at the trade, public and academic sectors.

Direct sales of physical and digital publications to libraries can only be achieved if a MARC record for the library catalogue can be supplied at the point of sale (see MARC & Publishers).

The CIP Programme

By providing BDS with your new title information, you will ensure that all eligible material features in the British National Bibliography (BNB). This weekly pdf publication is the authoritative listing of books published in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The BNB is widely used, both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, as a means of selecting and cataloguing books.

Enriched Content

BDS offers a wide range of Enriched Content on publications. This is linked to BDS records created for publications and is available through the BDSLink delivery service. Customers can choose which type of extended content suits their needs.

With BDS metadata, Enriched Content offers access to your publication’s information via numerous points of entry, for example visual, aural, themes, reviews, descriptions and dynamic links. Enriched content helps people, including staff in wholesalers, bookshops and libraries, to select items for purchase and it is often the best way to ensure your publication is identified by a member of the buying public.

Contact sales@bdslive.com for more information.